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Welcome to our website! We have collected all the essential information for planning an unforgettable trip to the wonderful country of Belarus. You’re guaranteed an unforgettable journey when you explore the captivating landscapes, absorb the culture, and experience the unique attractions this place has to offer. We offers comprehensive guide to the top spots worth visiting. From ancient historical sites and mesmerizing natural scenes, to impressive museums, sacred sites, and outstanding performance venues, you can find it all here! Additionally, we have listed the most helpful agencies and other service providers for making your journey smoother. As you explore Belarus, don’t forget to buy souvenirs and enjoy the local folklore. You’ll have an amazing adventure with all the things you need to make it extraordinary!

News in Belarus

Staying informed about Belarusian news is crucial for a safe and enjoyable journey. Gaining an understanding and appreciation of Belarus can be enriched by learning about its culture, history and current events. Staying informed about events in the Belarus will help you make the most of your visit. Respect for the people and their culture will come naturally as you discover more about:


If there are any security or safety issues, being informed of local news can help keep you safe. For example, knowing about a natural disaster or disease outbreak in advance can help you to make informed travel plans.


You can learn more about Belarusian culture and history by reading the latest news and events. This can help you better understand this nation and make your journey more meaningful.

Travel restrictions

It is important to be informed of any changes in tourist restrictions or visa requirements so that you can adjust your actions.

Local Events

You can plan your itinerary including any festivals, concerts or special exhibitions that may take place during your visit if you are up to date with local news and events.


Depending on your current circumstances, being aware of local news can also help you make informed decisions about your accommodation, such as where to stay and what to avoid.